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 The Costarricense de Paso is a breed of horse destined to change all those who know it.

"These are horses that will give to you in a more dynamic way than most of the horses you've ridden. I like that these horses want to gift to you all the time. They love to do what they do. They love to shine for you and they get really proud when people look at them and clap or say "Ooh, pretty horse." and then they suddenly stand up taller and stick out their chests because they like to be admired." Gary Douglas

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Costarricense Paso DVDThe Costarricense De Paso is a wonderful DVD for the horse lover, or anyone who enjoys animals. It features Gary Douglas talking about Costarricense horses and their recent introduction from Costa Rica into the United States.

The DVD was filmed and created by producer Jon May of HorseFlicks and is a remarkable work, which portrays not only these beautiful animals, but the possibility that is now available for a new breed of Costaricenses in the United States.

Gary's own horse, a white Costarrecense de Paso stallion named Deseable, is featured on the cover and shows us why these horses are so special. Not only is his elegant high-stepping gait, strength and gentleman like character obvious, but he can be ridden by thought alone; no kicking, pulling ot tugging required. As Gary says, "Just ask him."

Costarricense de Paso horses are trained this way and it's a different way of riding, which creates a unique connection based on friendship and trust between horse and rider. In Costa Rica, many horses are trained so young children can ride them in safety; as well as being everything a more experienced rider, like the professional 'vaquero,'  requires.

Extracts from the DVD are featured throughout this site and we have a small number available for sale. To make sure you get your copy of Costarricense De Paso, click here.

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Espirtu was born December 2007 here in Texas, having traveled in utero from Costa Rica. Gary bought the pregnant Costarricense dePaso mare Jaranera in the Heredia region in 2006 and transported her to Hill Country Peruvian Paso in August 2007.

More coming soon ...